NGO “United Humanitarian Front”

We provide funding in the form of grants to support initiatives that most effectively solve the problems of the military and civilians in Ukraine. We are engaged in purchasing protective ammunition and non-lethal equipment for the military.


On March 1, 2022, UHF started its volunteer activities.
On March 1, 2022, UHF started its volunteer activities.
During this time
Military personnel
Developed NFT collection
“Proof of Humanity”.
This concept confirms the transparency of how we use the donations
Supported by 22 partners around the world
The core team consists of fifteen professionals
Seven directions of help provided by UHF
We provided funding in the form of three grants to civil and military projects


UHF reached a new level of trust and assistance thanks to constant work on the fund development, analysis, and updated activities.
Total spent
Report on the receipt and use of funds as of 28/02/2023

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Core Team

Part of our team is blockchain and Tech specialists. As soon as a full-scale war began – we united to help Ukraine.
Our strength lies in the structured and retrospective approach and careful planning.
Sasha Antropov
Sasha Antropov
CEO and Founder. I’m a tech and blockchain expert that focuses on developing my global network. At UHF, I’m able to gather donations and create partnership strategies.
Оleksii Nikitin
Оleksii Nikitin
Co-founder of UHF. I am engaged in strategy development, establishing effective management, and creating new products. I also manage accounting matters.
Ilies Tuaiti
Ilies Tuaiti
Co-founder of UHF and head of the equipment department. I am responsible for coordinating existing partnerships and projects and searching for new initiatives to help the military and society in Ukraine.
Nadiia Mykhailiuk
Nadiia Mykhailiuk
Marketing Director at UHF. I am responsible for media partnerships, awareness, and all marketing information about the fund. From website and media cooperation to reporting on social networks.
Ilya Snigir
Ilya Snigir
Account manager. I am responsible for partnerships and the fulfillment of duties on both the fund’s and the partner’s sides. I accompany all communication.
Artem Gordadze
Artem Gordadze
Fundraising Advisor. I am here to help Ukraine and those who need it the most – with the support of the blockchain industry.
Sergiy Sevidov
Sergiy Sevidov
Brand Ambassador. My task is to increase the fund’s recognition abroad and attract potential partners and donors for cooperation with UHF.
Taisiia Mliuzan
Taisiia Mliuzan
At UHF, I hold the position of strategic advisor and HR advisor. I analyze the proposals that come to the fund so that our team works efficiently on the most appropriate projects.
Ganna Voievodina
Ganna Voievodina
Legal Advisor. Ganna has been an attorney in Ukraine since 2012, she is a lawyer with 15 yeras of practise. Ganna is a founder and CEO of the law firm “Manimama” and Non-commercial organization “I support Ukraine”
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