About us

UHF is a public organization that helps to solve current problems in Ukraine with effective methods. We assist civilians, victims of war, and our military. We work systematically and transparently.

Our mission

Is to assist civilians affected by the war in Ukraine and support the military defending our country. We minimize the energy crisis in the front-line and unoccupied regions, rebuild destroyed houses, provide financial assistance to volunteer initiatives, and develop projects to rehabilitate civilians and the military. Our work ensures a better future for Ukraine.

On March 1, 2022, UHF began its volunteer activities.

During this time we:

Helped (approximately):


Military personnel





$1,5 mln.

Raised more than
1.5 million for aid.


Received support from 22 partners worldwide

Our foundation stands out from others with its approach to solving complex problems in our country and high flexibility. We have gained profound knowledge and experience in helping people, so we can quickly and effectively respond to the most pressing issues.


1 stage
2 stage
3 stage
4 stage
5 stage
march 2022

We involved the resources of our pre-war businesses, business partners, and volunteers. We collected the first donations and helped everyone we could. We developed a framework that brought together the efforts of 5 volunteer headquarters.

  • Evacuation from hotspots to borders
  • Logistics of humanitarian goods throughout Ukraine
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Medications
  • Provided food to 19 restaurants and distributed food to military and low-income populations
march 2022
april 2022

Evacuation as a direction became irrelevant, and we redirected our resources to more critical directions. The de-occupation of the first settlements began, and delivering humanitarian aid to autonomous regions became crucial.

There was a long mobilization, so the issue of retaining soldiers was critically important. At that time, the Ukrainian army had increased several times, and all the soldiers going to the front were dressed and provided for by volunteers.

Moreover, our experience and contacts allowed us to help other volunteers, so we transferred part of the team to consulting work, sharing our contacts and developments with other volunteer organizations.

april 2022
august 2022

Our volunteer experience gained during the first six months of the war, constant updating of our activities, feedback from the military, and continuous cooperation with volunteers from the IT community allowed us to attract significant support from influential international projects and new donors, which elevated the UHF’s activities to a significantly higher level.

During this time, we have gone through the startup phase in 3-4 years.


We decided to abandon humanitarian aid and volunteer assistance and focus on helping the military and issuing the first grants.

august 2022
september 2022

After going through this process, we realized that we want to develop UHF specifically in the direction of grant activity, where our work results from a measurable outcome or “impact.” The grant program deals with civilian and military topics focusing on long-term changes.

In the future, we will continue to provide necessities to our soldiers on the front line, as we understand the importance of help right now and feel it is the right thing to do.


We have allocated funds to reconstruct homes for families whose homes have been destroyed by the war – this is aid for the low-income civilian population.

september 2022
february 2023

After completing the first grant programs and analyzing their effectiveness, we have decided to continue construction and deliver generators to the front-line and occupied regions, as these issues are some of the most pressing.

We have begun working on rehabilitating and socializing civilians and military personnel so they can return to normal life after the war. Our assistance can significantly improve the lives of Ukrainians.

We also continue to assist the military. Constantly analyzing the situation on the front line and new waves of mobilization, we consider it our duty to continue providing the military with everything that can save their lives.

february 2023

How we work

  1. We study current problems, methods, and scales of their solution by other volunteer organizations and the impact our help can bring.
  2. We create a project and a work plan in Miro. We gather information about the need for assistance and process it.
  3. We outline all project details, necessary implementation actions, possible obstacles, plan timelines, logistics, and budget. We break down all the information into separate tasks and enter it into Asana.
  4. We present the project to donors and receive financial or other assistance.
  5. We communicate with recipients to prepare and sign documents regarding assistance.
  6. We organize logistics.
  7. We create a retrospective of the effectiveness of the provided assistance and analyze the results to improve processes in the future.
  8. We publish reports on the assistance provided on our social media, website, and through media.

Why choose us?

Thanks to our systematic and transparent approach to problem-solving. We create comfortable conditions for donors, where everyone can choose a project and donation method. Significant donors receive reports and descriptions of the work carried out within the framework of the assistance provided. We guarantee transparent use of finances, which allows donors to ensure the most effective use of their funds.

You can help with a donation

We are looking for caring people and companies not only in Ukraine but also around the world.

You can become our partner

And help with free products, contacts of Western institutional grantors, and brand ambassadorship.


Is UHF an officially registered NGO?

We are a registered public organization called “United Humanitarian Front”
Registration number: 1009511020000001952
EDRPOU code: 44698381
Address: Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv city, Dilova street, building 2B, apt. 51

How does UHF ensure transparency in its activities?

UHF is a registered NGO that complies with all legal requirements for financial reporting and data collection.
We regularly publish our financial reports on our website and detailed reports on our activities on social media.
We also provide our donors with reports for maximum transparency in using financial resources.

My donation is not going through, and the funds are being returned. What should I do?

It may indicate a temporary malfunction of the payment system or exceeded limits on the card. In this case, you can donate by wire transfer.
Recipient code: 44698381
Name of the bank: JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
IBAN Code: UA213052990000026000033604603
Currency: USD
Payment purpose: charitable donation
Please note that payments in UAH are only possible from Ukrainian bank cards, and payments in USD and EUR are only available from European Economic Area bank cards.

I don’t want to donate to the military. How can I be sure my funds won’t go toward helping soldiers?

Our organization has separate accounts for different projects, so if you donate to a specific project, your funds will be used solely for that purpose. You can rest assured that your money will not be directed towards aiding the military if you choose a different direction to donate towards.

Can I become a volunteer at the foundation?

Currently, UHF does not need additional volunteers, but if such a need arises, we will post a relevant announcement with detailed instructions on our social networks. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can take advantage of it.

Does UHF cooperate with public or international organisations?

Yes, we are ready to cooperate with public and international organizations that wish to help us or join forces. If you have proposals for cooperation, please get in touch with us office@uhf.fund.