Questions and Answers

UHF is a non-governmental organization that helps to solve current issues in Ukraine using effective methods. We assist civilians affected by war and our military. We do this systematically and transparently.

Grant Program

What is a grant program?

UHF’s grant program helps with funding for civil and military-themed projects. We support initiatives that effectively address current problems in Ukraine but lack stable financing.

What types of initiatives does UHF fund?

We focus on

  • Supporting civilian and military volunteer projects
  • Providing financial assistance to teams that do not have permanent funding for their activities
  • Supporting the development of other teams that share goals with UHF
What are the criteria for selecting projects to receive grants?

We take into account the following factors:

  • The number of people who will be affected by the implementation of the idea
  • The relevance of the topic
  • The systematic and long-term nature of the proposed problem solution
How to get a grant from UHF?

Currently, the program is suspended, but you can still submit proposals for consideration to, and we will contact you if there is an opportunity to provide a grant.

What grant can be allocated, and what conditions are associated with its use?

The grant amount may vary depending on the needs of your project. The conditions of use are determined in a legal agreement which is agreed upon by both parties.

How to donate to the grant program?

We have separate accounts, which means you can donate to the project and ensure that all the funds will go toward your chosen direction.

Reconstruction and building

What work has already been done to implement the construction and reconstruction project?

Currently, the project is developing, and we are considering various options for its development. To ensure the successful implementation of the project, our team is conducting preparatory work, which we will tell you more about later.

What criteria do we use to determine which buildings should be restored?
  • Unocupated region with minimum likelihood of repeat shelling and enemy attack.
  • Owners of destroyed buildings have no other housing.
  • Financial problems that prevent renting accommodation.
What is the process of rebuilding houses destroyed by war?
  • The UHF team is looking for families in need of housing restoration.
  • We verify ownership of the land and registered housing on it. We coordinate the details of the rebuild.
  • We offer legal support.
  • We prepare the necessary documents and sign them with the owners.
  • We start the construction.
Who can receive assistance from UHF?
  • Large families
  • Low-income families
  • People with disabilities
  • People who are tied to a permanent workplace.
How to get help from UHF?

Currently, the project is under development, so we are not accepting requests for assistance temporarily. As soon as we finish the preparation, we will immediately notify you about it on our social networks with detailed instructions on how to submit a request. To get this message, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

How to donate to the building and reconstruction project?

We have separated the accounts. It means that you can donate to the project and ensure that all funds will go to the assistance in your chosen direction.

Can I volunteer and participate in restoring and building houses? How exactly can I help?

You can help us with the following:

  • Cleaning up debris and removing trash left after building destruction.
  • Foundation restoration.
  • Construction (as a contractor).
  • Providing materials (building materials, tools, plumbing, furniture, etc.)

Energy Crisis Response

What criteria are used to determine where to send generators?
  • What criteria are used to determine where to send generators?We consider the following factors:
    • Level of damage to the energy infrastructure in the region
    • Number of people who need assistance
    • The urgency of the need for generators
    • Purpose of the generator
    • Availability of other sources of energy in the region
    • Whether there are conditions for storage and proper operation of the generator

    After evaluating these factors, we determine the most critical areas where the need for generators is highest.

Who can receive assistance from UHF?

Civilians who provide the necessary information listed above may receive assistance. If the situation meets the criteria, our manager will contact you to discuss all the details.

How to request assistance from UHF?
How to donate to the generator supply project?

We have divided the accounts. It means that you can donate to the project and be sure that all funds will go to help the direction you have chosen.

Can I volunteer for those who want to participate in the project supplying generators? How exactly can one help?

We plan to develop this program by creating a support system that will allow helping the affected and creating a database of verified local volunteer organizations in partnership with which we will implement this case.

We are looking for volunteer organizations that will help us with

  • Scouting cities and towns in the relevant region that meet our criteria.
  • Identifying and verifying the urgent need for generator supply.
  • Logistics and installation of generators (under UHF control)

You can also help us with the following:

  • Providing generators for transfer on our requests
  • Providing verified information on the need for assistance

Military Aid

Who does UHF help?

We focus on helping military units (Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service, Security Service of Ukraine, Police and volunteer formations) and volunteers who assist the military.

UHF assists only in an official format. We need to receive an official request for assistance and all related documents from the military and volunteers.

Our priority is to assist those who carry out combat missions in hotspots.

How to get help from the fund?

Military personnel and volunteers need to submit an official request signed by the commander or deputy commander of the military unit.

  1. Fill out the Google form:
  2. In the specified form, you should attach a scan or photo of an official request with a signature and stamp. Request form sample:
  3. If your request includes a product we must order from abroad, we must receive a warranty letter.

After completing the request, our manager will contact you to discuss details and deadlines. Additionally, if needed, we can provide consultation on the list of assistance.

How to properly formulate an official request?
  • Unit number, brigade, battalion (preferably on unit letterhead);
  • Request text in any form;
  • wet seal and signature of the commander or deputy commander (Military Unit) of the unit;
  • Data of the serviceman or volunteer to whom the property is issued (full name, position, ID, contact information);
  • Authorized person to pick up the property if necessary;
  • The original request for assistance and signed acts of receipt and transfer of charitable property, warranty letter (if necessary).

Request template

Why is it beneficial for volunteers to close military requests through a fund?

This practice allows for saving time and money, as well as providing quality equipment for the military.

Organizations that collect funds to purchase necessary equipment and supplies for the military have experience and connections in logistics and official procurement, allowing them to buy goods at advantageous prices.

Thus, volunteers can execute their requests through the fund, which will significantly simplify their work and ensure the quality of assistance.

What is the mechanism for working with volunteers?
  1. Filling out a request from the military unit in the name of the NGO “United Humanitarian Front”
  2. Filling out a Google form and upload the request to the form (be sure to indicate that you have your funds to pay for the necessary goods)
  3. Discussing the details of the request
  4. Sending funds to the official account of the NGO “United Humanitarian Front”
  5. Issuing a guarantee letter, if the group of goods requires it
  6. Procurement and logistics
  7. Sending aid and a report on the provision of charitable assistance
  8. Reporting
Do you supply weapons?

No, UHF does not finance the purchase of weapons. We help provide non-lethal protective equipment to the military. You can see a specific list of assistance below.

What specific types of assistance does the fund provide to the Ukrainian military?

Depending on availability, we can assist you with the following:

  • Warm clothing (thermal underwear, hats, buffs, clothing)
  • Equipment (drones, radios, generators, thermal imagers)
  • Means of transportation (pick-ups, vans, jeeps, ambulance cars)
  • Food (dry rations)

The current list of proposed assistance may vary depending on the situation at the current time and our capabilities.

How is aid transportation ensured to the military on the front line?
  1. Nova Poshta – we can send aid through Nova Poshta to the nearest open branch to the front.
  2. Pickup from Kyiv – you can come to our office or warehouse in Kyiv, where we will personally hand over all the necessary aid.
  3. Delivery to the nearest safe region to the front – we can provide a vehicle and personally hand over the keys to you.
We are a combat unit, and we have submitted a request. Why haven’t we been contacted?

Our manager contacts the designated persons within five days after the request is submitted to discuss details and the availability of assistance. If this has not happened, please contact us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will resolve this issue.

Can I contact the fund with a request to help a specific military person?

Usually, we help military personnel. If you are a volunteer and want to purchase equipment or a vehicle through UHF, please complete the Google form and indicate that you have the funds to buy the necessary equipment. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.

Can I contact the fund with a proposal for cooperation or a request for help from another organization?

We cooperate with other organizations and help them fulfill requests from the military. If you wish to propose cooperation, please write the essence of your proposal as a document and send it to the email

How to donate to help the military?

We have separated the accounts. It means you can donate to the project and ensure all funds will go to help in your chosen direction.

Can we help with other resources such as medicine, transportation, shoes, and more?

If you are a manufacturer of dry rations and sublimated food, owner of a car repair shop that repairs vehicles for the Armed Forces, involved in procuring vehicles for the Armed Forces, or owner of a store with tourist goods or hygiene products, please write to us at


Is UHF an officially registered NGO?

We are a registered public organization called “United Humanitarian Front”

Registration number: 1009511020000001952
EDRPOU code: 44698381
Address: Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv city, Dilova street, building 2B, apt. 51

How does UHF ensure transparency in its activities?

UHF is a registered NGO that complies with all legal requirements for financial reporting and data collection.

We regularly publish our financial reports on our website and detailed reports on our activities on social media.

We also provide our donors with reports for maximum transparency in using financial resources.

My donation is not going through, and the funds are being returned. What should I do?

It may indicate a temporary malfunction of the payment system or exceeded limits on the card. In this case, you can donate by wire transfer.

Recipient code: 44698381
Name of the bank: JSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
IBAN Code: UA213052990000026000033604603
Currency: USD
Payment purpose: charitable donation

Please note that payments in UAH are only possible from Ukrainian bank cards, and payments in USD and EUR are only available from European Economic Area bank cards.

I don’t want to donate to the military. How can I be sure my funds won’t go toward helping soldiers?

Our organization has separate accounts for different projects, so if you donate to a specific project, your funds will be used solely for that purpose. You can rest assured that your money will not be directed towards aiding the military if you choose a different direction to donate towards.

Can I become a volunteer at the foundation?

Currently, UHF does not need additional volunteers, but if such a need arises, we will post a relevant announcement with detailed instructions on our social networks. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can take advantage of it.

Does UHF cooperate with public or international organizations?

Yes, we are ready to cooperate with public and international organizations that wish to help us or join forces. If you have proposals for cooperation, please get in touch with us