Rehabilitation and adaptation

This program is active

“Military and Social Adaptation”
This program focuses on helping demobilized military personnel, veterans, and their families return to normal life after the war.

About project

Working with demobilized soldiers to help them adapt back into society is one of the most important tasks for the country’s successful development and rehabilitation after and during the war.

Over the past 6 months, the UHF team has been actively consulting with various institutions and organizations, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense, doctors, and military personnel who are already involved or planning to participate in solving this problem.

During this time, we have realized that there is no comprehensive approach to solving
the problem yet. There is no ecosystem where different institutions and organizations
can exchange experience, coordinate work, and help each other in various matters. Additionally, there is no unified process for comprehensive rehabilitation and adaptation for injured military personnel after leaving the hospital.

For example, institutions that successfully deal with physical rehabilitation have no connection with institutions that provide psychological support.

  1. IT IS NECESSARY TO CREATE AN ECOSYSTEM where these institutions could interact and cooperate with each other to solve common tasks.
  2. CREATE A UNIFIED SYSTEM OF REHABILITATION AND ADAPTATION that will include physical and psychological support, professional training through education, and support in employment for demobilized military personnel and their families.

These steps will help to create an effective system of military and social adaptation, which will assist Ukrainians in returning to normal life during and after the war.


To continue this process, we need funding, so we are seeking partners who can contribute in the form of funding, know-how, established frameworks, and assistance in scaling and raising funds for this program.