Project under development

Our project helps families whose homes were significantly damaged or destroyed by war. We raise funds to restore damaged buildings and construct new homes to provide families with the necessary resources to return to normal life.

Program information

In October 2022, UHF provided a grant to District #1 (non-profit) to rebuild and conserve 6 private and 1 multi-family houses for families affected by the occupation in Kyiv region. We selected families with a special priority for low-income families and families with children and elderly people who couldn’t relocate.

In November 2022, we funded a pilot project to construct new permanent budget frame houses. UHF secured funding from the European cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBit and developed the “Proof of Humanity” NFT collection. All funds collected were used to equip three houses with all necessary furniture and plumbing.

After successfully completing the construction, we conducted an evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and continued our activities. Our goal is to provide assistance to people in the regions where they currently reside or plan to live in the future. We do not create towns for resettlement, but we organically build new houses in the places of the destroyed ones, preserving the established local communities.

This will help avoid psychological problems when a person moves to an unfamiliar community and obtains the status of an internally displaced person.

Why this is important

Reconstruction of the destroyed residential sector is a massive and extremely important aid to Ukraine. According to analysts relied on by the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development, the enemy damaged the homes of more than 2,400,000 Ukrainians, amounting to nearly $52,500,000,000.

The problem of housing damages due to the ongoing war is deepening every day, making every contribution to reconstruction extremely important. Despite existing organizations working on restoration, the scale of destruction demands even greater support.

Our Plans

We are looking for grants from external institutions to secure funding for the direction of rebuilding Ukraine that we will implement and scale. We have experience with a pilot case, open relationships with partners, and a systematic approach to scaling aid solutions.

Building one house for one family with 2-3 bedrooms costs approximately


so at least $2 million is needed to build the first 100 houses.


UHF is looking for international grantors, brand ambassadors, and organizations who can provide financial support to the fund. Your contribution will help reduce the destructive consequences of war. Be a part of our mission and help restore Ukraine.