Grant Program

This program is active

UHF’s grant program helps with funding for civil and military-themed projects. We support initiatives that effectively address current problems in Ukraine but lack stable funding.

About project

UHF has already provided 3 grants:

  1. $50,000 for District #1 to rebuild 6 private and 1 multi-flat residential building that were destroyed by the occupation in Kyiv region. It helped about 60 residents who had nowhere to go.
  2. $50,000 for District #1 to construct 3 permanent frame houses. For low-income families and families with children whose homes were destroyed by war and who have no alternative housing.
  3. $10,000 for I Support Ukraine які евакуювали 1250 українців із Донецької та Луганської областей
    та перевезли 13 тон гуманітарної допомоги переселенцям на деокупованих територіях.

We know that the effectiveness of aid depends not only on its size but also on controlling compliance, deadlines, and reporting expenditures. That’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure transparency and effectiveness of every project we finance.

The main criteria for choosing an initiative to support

The number of people who will be affected by the implementation of the idea (measurable impact)
The relevance of the topic
The systematic and long-term solution to the problem proposed.

Focus areas for the UHF general grant program

Supporting new volunteer projects that address important social and civil problems in Ukraine
Providing financial assistance to teams that do not have permanent funding for their activities
Supporting the development of other teams that share common goals with UHF

Our Plans

We plan to continue developing this program in the future nearest future as we see a positive and measurable impact on helping people.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the UHF grant program does not have the ability to fully continue funding due to problems with finding new donors. However, the UHF team is working on finding new organizations, businesses, corporations, and providers of institutional grants who can support our activities.

If you wish to support this direction, please donate to our organization. Your support will help us continue to help those who need help the most.


UHF is looking for international grantors, brand ambassadors, and organizations who can provide financial support to the fund. Your contribution will help reduce the destructive consequences of war. Be a part of our mission and help restore Ukraine.