Military help
Dear defenders, we sincerely thank you for your service!
UHF does everything possible to ensure that our Army has everything it needs to carry out combat missions and ensure its protection.
We equip the military with necessary and relevant things: from cars and drones to thermal vehicles and dry suits. However, every day we get more and more urgent requests. Due to the high workload, it may take longer for us to process your request. We hope for your understanding.
Who does UHF help?

We focus on helping military units and provide help only in cooperation with military units and formations commanders.
We kindly ask the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, and volunteer formations to formulate your requests at the level of your commanders (troop, battalion, brigade).

Who do we NOT work with?

We do not accept individual requests from one fighter or his relatives/friends/acquaintances.

We do not process requests for help from civilians or the military in the comments of messengers and social networks. We hope for your kind understanding.

How to ask for help?

Submit an official request from the commander of a combat unit (Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, National Police of Ukraine).

  1. You need to fill out a Google form:
  2. You should attach a scan or photo of the official request with a signature and seal to the specified form
    Sample request:
How to create the official request correctly?

Mandatory requirements for the request:

  • number of the military unit, brigade, battalion (preferably on the unit’s letterhead);
  • the text of the request in an arbitrary form;
  • wet stamp and signature of the commander or deputy commander of the military unit;
  • personal data of the serviceman or volunteer to whom the property is issued (name, position, ID, contact information)
  • a trustee who is authorized to collect property (if necessary);
  • the original of the request for assistance and signed acts of receipt and transfer of charitable property (we only work with deeds);

Request template:

What requests can we handle?

Depending on availability, we can help you with the following:

  • Warm clothes (thermal underwear, hats, buffs)
  • Equipment (drones, radios, generators)
  • Optics (thermal imagers)
  • Means of transportation (pickups, buses, jeeps)
  • Food (dry rations)
What happens after sending a formal request?

We analyze every request very carefully. We will contact you if we can provide you with at least part of the items from your request. This may take some time, as priority is given to requests that are sent to the front immediately.

We are a combat unit and submitted a request. Why are we not being contacted?

Headquarters coordinators will only contact you when they can provide you with any items from the inquiry. We cannot respond to some requests because no items are in stock.

Does UHF respond to comments on social networks?

Our volunteers read comments but do not always respond. We can respond to comments in direct messages.

If you need help, please submit requests through the form:

How does the fund prioritize its spending?

We prioritize requests from the military, participants in active hostilities, and verified partners.

What should I do after being helped by UHF?

After being helped, please send us a photo or video for our report.